Rampant Dry Rot Encounter! Ensuring The Client Fully Appreciated The £4m Cost Of Repairs Prior To Purchase



Woodchester, The Convent

Services Used

  • Technical Due Diligence

The Challenge

An international hotel group purchasing the building and understanding the key areas of concern and potential pit falls of purchasing a heritage asset in a conservation area.

The Solution

Full Technical Due Diligence services and reporting to provide a building survey.  Interpretation of specialist sub consultancy advice including engineering services, ecology, timber and damp and asbestos to ensure that risks are fully understood and can be reasonably mitigated as part of the Technical Due Diligence exercise.

Positive Outcomes:

  • Ensuring the client fully appreciated the £4M cost of repairs prior to purchasing the building.
  • Detailed report identifying the key requirements and issues regarding the purchase.
  • A full professional team being assembled to assist with resolving the issues identified

Project Manager

Kate MartinDirector