Cost Consultancy

CS2 provides impartial, specialist advice on managing the diverse cost elements of construction projects from start to finish. We ensure efficiency at every stage of the project to make sure that we get the right balance between quality and cost. Our cost consultancy team work closely with design teams to achieve the best possible value, taking into consideration the construction costs. Throughout the project not only do we work closely with the design teams but we work closely with all stakeholders in order to manage expectations and to create the most cost effective answer for the job.

The CS2 cost consultancy team has a combination of experiences and thorough knowledge across many different sectors. We recognise that in order to reach a successful outcome of any project, it is essential that careful financial planning is undertaken. At CS2 our team are committed to meeting the clients financial requirements and to understand these at the beginning of the project and to bear these in mind throughout.

Our proactive approach ensures the best value for our clients, whether we are providing high-level strategic cost advice or project cost management through the lifecycle. This approach has led to an enviable track record of clients, consultants and developers in both the private and public sector.

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