Energy & Sustainability

CS2 Chartered Surveyors was established to provide consultancy services and quantitative projects for clients who aim to become more energy efficient. Through our experience in analysis of the built environment and the use of ECO technology we ensure a successful ECO project is delivered to reduce a client’s carbon footprint.

Utilising and combining a knowledge base from traditional surveying to modern energy technology, CS2 possess the ability to scope and implement projects from micro domestic improvements to corporate sustainability programmes. All with the aim to lower carbon emissions, deliver cost savings to your organisation and ensure efficient energy utilisation.

Efficient energy utilisation results in cost savings and increased profitability

We have a proven track history having completed projects with small companies to large multi-nationals. We provide an excellent base to understand your business goals and exactly where sustainable measures fit into your organisational strategy. Within any project CS2 aim to deliver milestone impacts on baseline profitability, through a process of scope, analysis, design, implementation and on-going review milestones.