Educational establishments have specific requirements and need to meet exact criteria. At CS2 we have dedicated experts working with schools, academies and universities throughout the UK. With most construction projects taking place when the building is still in use, CS2 ensures that they carry out the work in a quiet and sensitive manner to cause minimal disruption to the teachers and pupils working.

Here at CS2 we work in partnership with trustees, governors and head teachers to help them manage their buildings and any engineering installations; with teams on hand to address any problems, should they arise.

Our experts manage and advise on routine and complex new builds and refurbishment projects, from inception to completion.

We also assess the condition of any building stock, as well as planning and implementing maintenance strategies and helping educational establishments to control costs.

With Integrated Thinking™ we give you:

  • Our understanding of the unique responsibilities faced by trustees, governing bodies, head teachers and staff
  • Strategic property solutions tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Dedicated risk management
  • Innovation and flexibility in project delivery
  • Cost efficiency
  • Assured health and safety management