Principal Designer

The role of CDM co-ordinator (CDMC) has been replaced by a new role the “Principal Designer” under the new Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.  The Principal Designer has the responsibility for managing the health, safety and welfare of projects from pre-construction to ongoing design.

Our experience on a wide variety of construction projects, from small refurbishments to high value complex schemes, has assisted us in protecting the following clients:

  • AXA Real Estate
  • Bristol Grammar School
  • CBRE Global Investors
  • Fevore
  • Poundland
  • Student Cribs
  • The University of Buckingham

CS2 has the expertise to fulfil the role of Principal Designer and can also provide advice to those undertaking the role of Principal Designer. CS2 are also able to advise directly any client to ensure full compliance with this new legislation and ensure that the Health and Safety is well managed on all construction projects. The CDM regulations 2015 also apply to domestic projects which were previously exempt.

CS2 have to date had the appropriate skill sets in order to undertake the role of CDM-C under the CDM Regulations 2007. The team of experts have undertaken relevant training in order to provide the service now defined as Principal Designer in many of the projects and for many of our clients.