Building Surveying

Our Building Consultancy team is one of the leading in the UK. We work on a wide range of different projects and different sectors. Our team operates to provide an efficient service, and can cover all aspects of your building with a detailed report. With our expertise we are able to assess works carried out to ensure that the building is safe and that the work carried out is of a high standard to maximise your company’s assets. We have a strong network of 6 offices located throughout the UK, with surveyors located in each office.

The survey that we carry out will be tailored to your needs, No matter what service it is you require, CS2 have surveyors with expertise in every area and can offer you the professional advice you need. Whether CS2 carry out the work themselves or manage the project being carried out by contractors, our team has a proven track record which strengthens the fact that CS2 always have a thorough understanding of the clients end goal.

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