External Repair, Restoration & Redecoration At The Embassy Of République De Côte D’ivoire



Upper Belgrave St, London

Services Used

  • Design & specification of works
  • Tendering and pre-contract services
  • Contract administration
  • Project & Programme management
  • Principal Designer

The Challenge

CS2 specified, tendered and project managed the external restoration of this Grade II listed embassy building set within the heart of Belgravia, providing invaluable technical and contractual advice to the client along the way. CS2 delivered this project under budget and to the satisfaction of the client, despite industry complications arising from the government’s national Coronavirus restrictions.

Challenges faced by the client included their requirement to discharge external repairing obligations whilst keeping costs as low as possible, as well as the necessity to quickly understand unfamiliar industry procedures and construction contracts.

The Solution

Beyond the successful delivery of this Grade II listed external restoration project, CS2 were able to assist the client by providing solutions to various obstacles along the way. From the outset, CS2 provided clear and concise advice to the client to assist with their understanding of UK construction contracts and unfamiliar industry processes. Furthermore, CS2’s engagement with the client’s landlord throughout the course of the project enabled the client to discharge their external repairing obligations, whilst reducing the extent of works required. Through this, and other CS2 negotiations, the client was able to save in the region of £54,000 against the original contract works package.


  • The client was able to save c.£54,000 against the original contract sum, through CS2’s diligent project budgeting and negotiations with the contractor and landlord throughout the project.
  • As a result of CS2’s direct negotiations with the landlord, the client was able to successfully discharge their external repairing obligations whilst reducing the scope of works required and associated costs.
  • Through CS2’s guidance around UK construction contracts and industry processes, the client was able to confidently carry out their role as Employer under the terms of the JCT construction contract.

Project Manager

Thomas HealSenior Surveyor