Nationwide Vodafone acquisitions




Services Used

  • Investment Survey

The Challenge

Vodafone required acquisition surveys to assist with them negotiating favourable lease terms on 50 properties. The inspections needed to be undertaken at short notice and all reports were required within one week.


The Solution

Vodafone appointed CS2 to inspect and report upon a large number of properties as part of their acquisition of 50 additional properties. Given CS2’s track record with Vodafone, we were able to target the reports to meet their specific needs and requirements. In a number of cases, significant defects were identified, which Vodafone were able to exclude from their repairing covenant and, in a number of cases, the landlords undertook works which were identified as being necessary.
Thanks to our reports, Vodafone were able to avoid substantial future liabilities and could ensure that the properties would be suitable for their operational requirements.

Project Manager

David JayDirector