52% saving on Valspar dilapidations claim




Services Used

  • Dilapidations

The Challenge

Our client occupied a 31,759ft2 warehouse premises in Cambridgeshire under a typical FRI lease. At the end of the term the landlord served a dilapidations clam of £315,705

The Solution

CS2 reviewed the landlord’s schedule of dilapidations which was generally fair and reasonable.  However, due to our skill and expertise in negotiating dilapidations claims for tenants we secured a 52% reduction on the figure originally claimed by the landlord.  This course of action had to be handled carefully, as the landlord could have undertaken the dilapidations works which would have crystallised a far larger claim against the tenant than the final settlement figure.”

Project Manager

David JayDirector

It’s been a pleasure working with you and I appreciate your professionalism around bringing this to such a speedy conclusion