CS2’s negotiation skills secured 69% of original claim




Services Used

  • Dilapidations Landlord

The Challenge

The tenant of our clients had come to the end of their lease, and had been occupying the premises under full repairing and insuring terms. When the premises was handed back to Deramore Ltd they were unhappy that the building had not been handed back in the condition that was explained in the lease. As a result our client, the landlord, needed to enforce a terminal Dilapidations claim on the occupants to ensure costs were covered for the refurbishment.

The Solution

CS2 analysed the lease and attended the site in order to undertake a costed Schedule of Dilapidations and presented this to the tenant’s representatives. CS2 successfully negotiated the claim with the tenants representatives and achieved 69% of Deramore Ltd’s original claim.

Project Manager