Sustainability Statements

Sustainability Statements are designed to demonstrate how a proposal meets the local authorities objectives in areas such as CO2 emissions or renewable targets.  This can be achieved through a mix of solutions, not all have to be renewable, such as efficient fabric, high seasonal efficiency boilers or ASHP, lighting and increased window size or maybe heat recovery systems.  All underpinned by an understanding of the ecological impact and how you intend of minimise it.

CS2’s Sustainability Statement will concentrate on the areas that matter the planning authority, key areas often include:

  • Energy Efficiency and Part L
  • Climate Change adaption
  • Sustainable Drainage System (SUDs)
  • Biodiversity
  • Water resources
  • Materials and procurement
  • Construction

CS2’s Energy and Sustainability Team is set up to provide clients with comprehensive Sustainability Statements, tailored to the Local Authorities standards.