Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

Since the 1st April 2018, properties with a F or G EPC rating are no longer permitted to transact a sale or lease as set out in the Energy Act 2011. CS2 have been working with clients to preparing to act on this new MEES legislation. CS2’s energy experts have developed the EPC Plus report which is designed to shed a light behind the EPC to provide more granular answers to the original rating and a cost-focused solution.

At CS2 we offer full reporting on cost-effective measures to determine if your property is exempt from MEES Regulations using an approved methodology and assist you in the registration process onto the PRS Exemption Register with a surveyors report. Our team now implement a “stop and think” process for our clients; should a rating below an E be generated we will work alongside clients to establish the optimum route moving forward.

CS2 have designed a continuous improvement cycle in order to firstly benchmark, then steer the client through the different levels required by their property portfolio.  The first objective is to protect the portfolio from MEES regulations and allow a smooth transaction to a more energy efficient, cost saving, portfolio.