Feasibility Reports for Low and Zero Carbon Technologies

A feasibility report provides information for effective decision making with respect to a proposed renewable energy project. By showing the market potentialities, technical and financial implications of the proposed opportunity, a feasibility report enables the client to make the decision on whether to accept or reject the project.

CS2 possess a broad knowledge of a host of products and accompanying projects based around both energy efficiency and energy generation. Our team of Energy and Sustainability experts offer a detailed analysis of a proposal.

Energy Solutions Supported by CS2:

  1. Photovoltaic Installation – On Building or Solar Field
  2. Biomass Boilers
  3. LED Lighting
  4. Ground Source Heat Pump
  5. Solar thermal
  6. Combined Heat and Power
  7. Anaerobic Digestion
  8. Voltage Optimisation / Power Factor Correction
  9. Wind Turbine