Eco Retrofit Project Management

A major part of sustainability is being energy efficient in all ways, in many ways office tenants or retailers are tied by lease agreements inhibiting more extensive changes, therefore it is key to remain as energy focused on the areas which can be altered but also altered in a way that rapidly provides energy savings to generate an acceptable ROI.

At CS2 we aim to ensure all refits consider the following elements, whilst maintaining customer requirements:

  • LED lighting, even display
  • ASHP with high SEER and EER
  • Ensuring products are listed on the ETL List for enhanced capital allowances (ECA)
  • Internal insulation of client areas
  • Focus on the creation of well-being internally
  • Procurement of materials from sustainable conscious suppliers
  • Utilising contractors with sustainable statements

For further information on how CS2 can create a more energy efficient and sustainable refit please contact James Cutter here.