Display Energy Certificates

A Display Energy Certificate (DEC) provides a visual representation of how energy is used within your building.  It compares your organisation’s energy usage to that of a similar organisation, using premises floor area as a standard variable. A DEC is typically accompanied by an Advisory Report, which highlights energy and cost saving opportunities at your premises. Compulsory for public authority buildings with a floor area over 250 m2 a DEC can also offer a range of benefits to businesses:

  • A quantified, third-party assessment of energy usage
  • A benchmark for target setting and improvement
  • A tool for engaging employees and gaining management buy-in
  • A demonstration of your environmental commitment to customers.

A DEC can only be produced by a qualified and registered Energy Assessor. Your first DEC will require a site visit and an analysis of your premises’ annual energy consumption and should be renewed every 10 years. CS2’s Energy and Sustainability team aim to deliver DEC’s in a timely and efficient manor, in line with a cost-effective compliance method.