Party Wall Instruction for The Bridgewater Canal Company Ltd.



Owen Street, Manchester

Project Value

Industry sensitive information

Services Used

  • Party Wall

The Challenge

Now under construction, the Owen Street site is the biggest residential development Manchester has ever seen of this nature and involves providing over 1,500 new apartments in four new sleek glazed residential towers (the tallest of which will be 64 floors). As well as a new leisure centre and river side plaza adjacent to The Bridgewater Canal basin and River Medlock on the north side. As works are still underway, the images are taken from highest deck built so far, number 21 of the proposed 64 floors and show the Manchester skyline as concrete was being poured. You can also see down to the river which disappears underground down a deep tunnel beneath the area known as Castlefield.

The Solution

As Project Manager, Neil Kelly is monitoring the boundary walls and structures, as well as ensuring the protection of the existing subterranean river tunnel (with regards to The Party Wall etc Act 1996). This will be absolutely critical during excavation and piling works.

Project Manager